Accident lagi….

Accident lagi….

My brother and his wife was involved in an accident last few weeks….(me thinks.. mati laa malas upddate..) They were riding the ‘controversial’ (controversial among my family laa..) scooter at the time and were hit by a car. My brother’s ok but his wife was not so lucky. Her leg was broken, her shoulder muscle torn and some cut and bruises… She is now lying in the hospital because of the broken leg and had to undergo an operation because the bone was .. how to say berselisih eh.. ? ok whatever laa… The doctor said she was lucky because when they had opened her up, they found a lot of blood clots around the sorrounding tissue..? I don’t know lah the medical terms for her conditions all i know is …. OOOWWW!! It must have hurt a lot but my sis in law being the butch she is, is very the brave one… syabas bette… these are her pictures..


The thing about these two is… even lying in bed motionless.. ada hati pikir pasal duit insurance yang akan mereka claim dari pemandu jahanam yang melanggor mereka ituh… dah plan nak buat apa dah dengan duit tu… hisshhh!! mata materialistik betul kekdah nyer mereka nih…


I was supportive about them wanting to sue that driver but thinking about ways to spend it when you are not even out of the hospital is a bit much lah kann..?


Ntah lah.. tatau apa nak cakap… lantak lah.. janji diaorang bahagia, dan aku dapat makan buah-buahan free… sebab minah ni spesis pelik tak suka makan buah so aku lah yang membaham nyer setiap kali datang melawat.. hee hee…


Ini lah dia muka poyo orang sakit… palsu tuh! Aku gak yang mengekek ketawa sebab lawak siak..


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