Hi there! I used to write that i am in my¬† mid 30’s, was born and raised in Johor Bahru, Malaysia~ yada, yada… until i realised that this year (2010) i’m turning 37! Thirty SEVEN! that’s not mid-30s but more like middle age! Whatever, here’s the deal, i’m anti social, i can’t help it that sometimes i think nasty thoughts on someone and by someone i mean everyone, i have friends but sometimes i wish they’re not my friends, i try to be honest and people call me bitch, i try to bottle up everything inside and i got hypertension. I drive like a maniac in the morning because i am always late, i try to be goody-to-shoes and i felt fake. So…. this blog? Where i write my nonsense to feed my ego and to semi document my life…..

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  1. kau memang mulut puaka.bau longkang.semua org pegi makan kat 6 corner memang puas hati.tekak kau je yg rasa macam longkang.tah ape ape lah.

  2. hahahahaha… aku dah agak dah… gengster kg senibong sudah mari…… ajak kawan ramai-ramai datang sini hentam aku meh…. nanti post ni naik, ramai orang pergi tempat kau, lagi banyak kau boleh kaut duit…. hahahahahahaha…. aku suka lah kau cakap mulut aku puaka, bau longkang…. itu jek… lontar lah lagi hinaan dan cercaannn… tak sabar tunggu ni….

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