37 is not so baddd……

37 is not so baddd……

Today is my 37th birthday. I took leave from work because i thought i HAD someone who wanted to spend the day with…. but turns out he had some other important thing to do like….. WORK  in another state 368km away… Can you tell i’m still mad and in my not talking mode… tengok lah bila mood aku nak baik…

Anyway this is how i spent the day today….

7.30 am – woke up to pee, go back to bed.

7.50 am – felt like shitting… humph! kacau daun betul aku nak buat taik mata… oh yeah.. baru aku sedar buat taik mata dengan buang taik… lebih kurang jek.. produktif nyer aku…

8.00 am – back to bed, then up again because the kids at the school behind my house is making a ruckuss, i forgot to close the bathroom door, so the noise is upsetting my delicate ears…. close the door and back to bed.

8.10 am – had a charlie horse cramp on my calf (simpol biawak ler..) @#%#@! hurt like hell! i can see my muscles distort, it’s not pretty and it felt agonizing…. aduiii… tolong lah… mak nantuk ni….! got up turn the fan off because it’s too cold and that usually is the reason for my cramps… it took nearly 10 mins for the bloody cramp to go away… i was sitting with my eyes closed and my hands massaging my calf..!

9.00 am – panas pulakkk! got up and switch on the air-con at the warmest setting… back to bed finally….ZZZZZZZzzzzzz

I woke up around 2pm, shit some more, took a shower, force my sis in law to accompany me for a late lunch… we went to eat at Seoul Garden in CS, RM34 per head, all you can eat buffet with free flowing drinks… It’s a waste because between the two of us, we ate maybe the equivalent of 1 person…. oh well! Later we went to c0ffee bean to meet a friend because i’ve been dying to see her ~~~ baby.  😛


Isn’t she just adorable..? well maybe not so adorable lah just now because she was sleepy and quite hungry…


After that i went to the market to buy 2 big daikon. I was surprised that it costs RM5. Since when is daikon the same price as ‘gold’? After that i went home. Yesss… i brave the traffic, the distance and other human beings…. just to buy 2 stupid daikon…. What i’m gonna with them… well.. you’d have to come back if you want to find out…. muahahahaha!

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